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   How to Organise a Hen Night

Traditionally a Hen Party took place to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of a female friend or relative. However over time this has evolved and these days a Hen Party can take place to celebrate a birthday, new job or even a divorce! The original idea behind a hen night would have included drinking and singing to ward off evil spirits that could bring bad luck to the forthcoming marriage, so not a lot has changed very much over the years!

When organising a hen party it is probably best that one person takes responsibility for organising the event, although there is nothing to stop that person asking for help with different areas of the event as arranging the evening can be a very time consuming exercise. There are no hard and fast rules as to who organises the night but normally it would be the bridesmaid, sister or best friend of the bride. The one thing that must not be forgotten during the organisation process is that it is the brides evening and her thoughts and wishes should be considered at all times.

With this in mind, the first thing that needs to be considered is who the bride wants to invite, as this may affect what type of evening is organised. For example if the bride wants to invite the Mums, grandmas or older friends then the evening might need to be toned down a bit more than if they were not there.

Next is what type of evening does the bride want? If money is a bit tight then maybe have an evening in. Make your own cocktails, have a themed meal, you could get each person that is invited to bring a starter, main course, dessert or wine and have a really lovely meal for very little cost to anyone. Alternatively you could have a pamper evening in the home. There are many different things you could do at home that won't cost a fortune. However if the bride wants a more traditional hen night which involves male strippers, comedians or drag artists with lots of alcohol involved, then it is up to the organiser to make sure that that's what she gets!

There a many companies who have venues in larger towns across the country who hold specific Hen Party Idea events. For the price of one ticket per person, you can have an evening where you will see, strippers, comedians, or drag queens. They lay on a buffet and cocktails and usually give free gifts to the bride and her guests. If this is the type of event that appeals to bride, then you must also consider transport. No-one should have to drive on a night like this and it would be sensible to consider this well in advance as the cost of the type of transport provided will need to be incorporated into the individuals cost. Depending on the number of people going, it may be best to hire a mini bus with a driver or taxis. A stretch limo is a fun idea and as they vary in sizes from 8 to 25 seaters, hiring one of these may not be any more expensive than a number of taxis.

Finally, the organiser needs to get a firm commitment from all of the people who are invited. Asking for a deposit right at the start is usually a really good idea and then making sure that the remaining balance is paid well before the evening takes place. Nothing will spoil the brides evening more than a squabble over who owes what at the end of the night.

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Hen Night Ideas

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